The Role of Associate Directors

In Resource Conservation Districts, associate director positions were established to give those who did not meet the qualifications of a director the chance to take an active role in the district. Under Division 9, associate directors can qualify for a position on the board after they have served as an associate for six or more months, even if they do not own property within the district.
Associate directors do not have the right to vote on board matters. However, they can attend meetings and provide the district with extra expertise. Frequently associate directors also contribute by serving on various district committees.

As an associate director, you may be reimbursed for expenses incurred in behalf of the district, such as conferences or workshops attended which would contribute to the district. Such expenses would need to be properly pre-approved by the board.

RCD Director Qualifications
In order to qualify as an RCD director, candidates must be a registered voter in California. Candidates must also (1) reside within the district or (2) be a designated agent of a resident landowner within the district and (3) have six or more months of experience as an associate director of the RCD. Even if all qualifications are met, an individual cannot be a county supervisor and an RCD director simultaneously.